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My life was miserable, I had no family, no job, and I had just enough to keep a roof over my head for at least another month with my final jobseekers allowance payment. It had been a rough 6 months and I was close to breaking point.

I layed there thinking my luck has got to change soon, I finally decided to drag my sorry arse out of bed and head down to the job centre. I was just about to head into the bathroom to freshen myself up and try to make myself look presentable the phone went.

I diverted to the front room to answer the phone only to discover it was just a stupid automated call trying to sell me something...or at least that's what I thought

"Looking for a job? Coming to the end of your job seekers benefits? Then this is your lucky day. A new medical centre has opened on President Kennedy Drive and we're looking for people to help with our research. No experience is necessary, Long-term commitments and a decent salary. If interested stop by the medical centre at 93 President Kennedy Drive." The phone went dead.

"My luck might just be about to change after all, Suppose I could stop by on my way back from the job centre." I said to myself.

I found the building with a little trouble. This medical centre didn't even have a sign, the building was about 3 stories tall and was quite large but it had a look that it hadn't been in use in years. I just walked up to the entrance numbered 93. As I entered I saw a sign about a set of stairs labelled Medical Centre reception area. I went up the flight of stairs though another door and entered a well lit reception room. With a single desk manned by a young woman behind her was a set of old armchairs I guess was the waiting area.

I went up to the desk "Good Morning, Can I help you?" she said

"err I'm not sure I got an automated phone call advertising job opportunities, I was wondering if there were still jobs going here?" I said

"Yes, this is a private run government scheme that's being run. I take your job seekers benefits are due to run out?"

"Yeah next month" I said

"Well that's proberly why you got that phone call this morning. Can I take your name please?"

"Err Ryan, Ryan Conroy" I said

"Thank you Mr Conroy, let me just bring up your details" she said, and she went typing away on her computer. "You're indeed illegible for a job here Mr Conroy, I'll just sign you off the job seekers allowance here. If you just want to take a seat someone will be out shortly to take you for a quick medical check up and discuss what's involved."

"Oh thanks very much you don't know how much this means to me" I said. And I went to take a seat while I waited for someone to come and see me through. Though I didn't have to wait long. An old man looking man came down the corridor and immediately greeted me.

"Ah you must be Ryan Conroy. Welcome I'm Dr. Galloway, and before you ask we don't have an official name as what we do here must be kept under wraps"

"Okay" I said. Unsure whether I was right for this job.

"If you just follow me we'll take you to a lab for a quick medical then it's my office to discuss what happens next."

"Alright sure" and I started following Dr. Galloway down the corridor he led me to a basic medical examination room.  He did nothing special, take my blood pressure, a blood sample & five minutes monitoring my heart rate. After that I was lead to his office.

"Please take a seat" Dr. Galloway said as he took his own seat behind his desk and logged into his computer.

"So what the story with this job then." I asked

"It's quite simple really, you'll be helping with research in genetic engineering and bringing creatures from myth and legend to life"

"Right...I don't really have any experience in that kind of work" I said

"Ah don't worry about we'll teach you everything you need to know and like our automated message said this is a long term commitment. You won't need another job as this is pretty much for life." Dr. Galloway explained

"Sounds good to me. No more misery of having to worry where my next pay-sip would be coming from then."

"So you got any ideas of types of creatures from myth & legend?"

"You're asking me?" I said surprised

"Why not, need to find out which areas of research interest you" he explained

"Oh. Well I would have said you might find this a bit corny but considering what you's are planning I'd have to say Taur's"

"Really! Wow you surprise me. I didn't expect that answer. I thought you'd have gone for some of the obvious ones like Dragons & Werewolf's" Dr. Galloway said chuckling to himself and typing up notes on his computer

"Well I thought you's might had enough people saying the obvious ones" I said

"Ah not at all. So if you could work on creating your own taur with creature would you base it on?"

"Oh...well I don't know really proberly something reptilian." I said taking a deep sigh while thinking on the subject "Proberly a crocodile...Alligator"

"That would be an interesting project, so how about it? Wanna help create the creature?"

"Sure I'd guess it would be fun and a chance to learn something new" I said, thoughly delighted that my miserable days could be behind me.


The next thing I knew I was grabbed from behind and a needle was thrust into my left arm, before I could react I blacked out.

When I came too, I felt different...something wasn't right. I felt strength in my legs I've never felt before. I struggled to lift myself until I saw a staff lying beside me. I grabbed the staff and lifted myself upright as best I could and looked at my legs. What I saw was not my legs heck what I saw was the body of a crocodile attached to my waist, and I didn't have 2 legs, I had 4!!

"What have they done to me??" I shouted out loud.

"Ah I see you're awake" Came what sounded like Dr. Galloway voice

I struggled to move my body round as I was struggling to work this body they've forced upon me. "What the f*** have you done to me"

"Well it's quite simple really you're helping to create a crocodile taur. You've actually been out for 3 weeks." He said in his usual cheerful tone

"Three weeks!?!?"

"That's right in that time we've put you been under the knife. We removed your legs obviously from the waist down and attached your upper torso to the body of a crocodile." He explained

"You're lucky I can barely move this body. I'd be on top of you in a heartbeat" I said my anger raising

"Oh I don't doubt that for a second." He said in a serious tone "And since you've brought up that you're struggling to control your new lower body we're not finished with you yet. We've got one more injection to give you that will merge your upper body with your lower body" he finished, and pulled out a dart and a hand gun from his white jacket. He inserted the dart into the gun and fired the dart into my left arm before I could react.
"There, that didn't hurt did it? You should find your body easier to control over the next couple of hours and then we'll take you to your new home for life. Trust me you'll thank me"

I could only just stand there and struggle to stay upright while half of my croc body lay limp beneath me, as Dr Galloway left the room.

An hour had ticked by since Dr. Galloway had fired that dart containing god knows what, but at this stage I wasn't complaining. I had felt my bone structure strengthen over the last hour and I guess my nervous system had been correctly wired up now as I could now stand up straight and walk about as if I had been this way all my life. Though it was a little unsettling how natural this seemed to be. I walked over to a mirror that had been left in the room so I could take a good long look at myself and to look at the scaring that was sure to be left behind after the operation. However I didn't see any scaring at all...what I saw was a smooth transition from the scaly hide of my crocodile body to my soft human skin. "Incredible" I whispered. But then I began feeling a tingerling sensation and it started creeping upwards. It was long before my whole torso from my neck down began feeling weird and I didn't have to wait long to find out what was happening.

I felt a surge of pain coming from every point on my upper torso as my skin started separating into murky green scales as if that wasn't enough my hands went from four digits and thumb to 3 digits and thumb as two of my fingers on each hand merged. And half inch long ivory nails burst from the tips of my hands.

As if that wasn't enough my jaws shuddered and began to push outwards with sickening crunching noises, my teeth were replaced with sharp fangs, as my jaws continued to push outwards more teeth grew in the ever expanding gap, my tongue also grew to fill the space. One last burst of pain forced my eyes shut as the rest of my head reshaped before the pain finally let up and I stood there looking at the monster I had just become. The lower body of a crocodile and my once human torso and head now an anthro form of the crocodile.

Something wasn't right I began to feel new instincts filtering into my mind...I was hungry...I also wanted to dive into a body of water or swamp and find a mate..."NO!! God what am I thinking..."I said out loud... but I began thinking of hunting for food again, finding a nearby river bed and finding a mate as new thoughts, sensations and ideas began flooding my mind....

In an observation room Dr. Galloway was watching the whole time waiting for the right time to move his new creation to his new home and begin the work all over again to give Ryan a mate to have fun with......

The End....
Thought i'd try writing something different for change. take a wie break trying to figure out where next to take my current on-going series.

This is just a wie shortie of a young man finding life rough and finds a new job...though not a job he had banked on.
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Lord-DracoDraconis Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think ive seen a tf sequence of this on trans-fur. it had the surgery and the anthro-croc upper body parts too. But good anyway!
Telranis Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Aye i know.. Someone pointed it out to me after i posted the story...
psypokes713 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2010
i certainly would like to see a sequel to this for the mate Ryan gets
Telranis Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
hmmm mibbie, dunno yet, too many other projects in the works yet, but thanks anyway. :)
Portec Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2009
Interesting. But forcefull. :(
Crossing his way in his current state would be a rather unlucky event. :fear:
But the way you build the story sure is ditfferent and refreshing. :D
Telranis Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2009  Hobbyist Writer

Thought i'd try something different for a change. :D
Portec Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2009
You did it for sure. :D
Telranis Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Cheers :D
kaliam Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2009
Cool story. I think I've seen a picture on Transfur about a Dr. Moreau universe TF into a croc taur.
Telranis Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
I know the sequence your on about, I found it on here shortly after finishing my story.
OuroborusTF Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2009
Oh wow, I haven't read a lot of Tfs where the transformation was surgical, and that aspect combined with the crocodile taur made this a very unique read! good job!
Telranis Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks a lot. :D
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